Digital Marketing Internship Program

Complete the Capstone Project & earn an MPIS Revolution Digital Marketing Internship Program Certificate

  • Create a 360° Digital Marketing Campaign for an Online Fashion Website like Myntra.
  • Master SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics, and more.
  • Learn 15+ Digital Marketing Tools such as Google AdWords, Meta Ads, YouTube Studio, etc.
  • Learn Digital Marketing from Industry Experts in 100% live online classes.
  • Attend the demo to get a certificate of participation.
Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Internship Program
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Learn in Live, Instructor-Led Online Sessions
Build Real-World Projects & Gain Hands-on Experience

Digital Marketing

  • A Digital Marketing professional can earn up to 20 Lakhs in India and up to 200,000 Dollars in the United States.
  • Top Companies like Amazon, Google, Accenture, etc. are hiring Digital Marketing Professionals.
  • Explore various Digital Marketing Job Roles in domains such as SEO, Social Media Management, Pay Per Click, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, etc.
Tools You Will
Digital Marketing Industry

02 Million Job

India's Digital Industry will produce more than 20 Lakh job opportunities.

₹5 lakh Salary

The average salary of a Digital Marketing professional in India is about ₹5 lakhs, going upto ₹20 lakhs.

10% Jobs Increment

Marketing jobs are set to increase by 10% by 2026, more than the average for all careers.

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Digital Marketing Internship Program

What you will learn: Introduction to Digital Marketing, Branding & Consumer Behavior, Website Creation & Content Marketing

  • Basics of Marketing, Audience defining, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Branding 101, Consumer Behavior on Brand Positioning and Product, Create a WordPress Website, and understanding Content Marketing
  • Module 1 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Effective SEO, SEO Tools and off-page SEO & Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Strategies

  • Learn what is SEO and on-page SEO, Learn Keyword Research, Tools for SEO Audit and implementations, Off-Page SEO, and Introduction to Social Media & Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Module 2 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Social Media Marketing using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

  • Learn the importance of Linkedin for B2B companies & Instagram Tips & Tricks, Create Facebook Page & Business Suite, Understand everything about Twitter & learn Facebook & Instagram Ads in detail
  • Module 3 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Working with Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, and Google Analytics

  • Twitter and LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Introduction to Search Engine Marketing, Learn Hashtag Research, Google Analytics & Social Media Analytics
  • Module 4 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Social Media Marketing with Youtube, Competitor Analysis, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction to YouTube & learn how to run Ads on YouTube, Learn how to scan your competitors & explore Affiliate Marketing, Introduction to Email Marketing & implement Email Marketing via Mailchimp
  • Module 5 Interview Preparation

What you will learn: Design and Edit Tools, Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns, Ethical Standards

  • Learn how to design graphics using Canva & edit anything online using Kapwing, Learn Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns with Case Studies, Ethical Standards in Digital Marketing & plan the next executable steps to grow in the Digital Media Space
  • Module 6 Interview Preparation

This Program includes the same hands-on experience you get in an internship with a company.*
*The term ‘internship’ is used to describe an internship-like experience. MPIS Revolution will not pay or hire learners.

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Industry Grade

Create a 360° Digital Marketing Campaign for an Online Fashion Website like Myntra

You will Master the Art of Digital Marketing by creating an end-to-end Marketing Campaign using a wide array of Digital Platforms. Your campaign must help boost the brand’s reach, enhance customer engagement & strengthen its digital presence.

Digital Marketing Internship Program
  1. Why is Digital Marketing important?
    In this ever evolving tech era Digital Marketing is helping all kinds of businesses target, reach, and connect with their audience online. Businesses reach their ideal customers with the help of Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and so much more.
  2. Who can join this course?
    Anybody interested in Digital Marketing can join this program irrespective of their age and qualifications.
  3. What are the prerequisites to enroll in this Digital Marketing Internship course?
    There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this Digital Marketing Internship Program. You will learn everything from level 0, starting from the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, and finally advanced level topics creating a social media marketing campaign so you become job ready in Digital Marketing. All you need are basic computer skills, dedication, and a desire to learn.
  4. Can I master Digital Marketing in such a short duration?
    Yes, the Digital Marketing Internship Program will help you learn the fundamentals required to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and learn what it takes to prepare you for trending roles such as SEO specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketer, PPC executive, etc.
    Over time you will be learning new digital marketing concepts and tools that will help you get the foundational knowledge required to approach a problem statement, create strategies, and extract insights that you will come across in your future job roles.
    This structure will direct you on a path to help you develop into a promising Digital Marketing Professional and help you understand what corporate recruiters expect from candidates in the interviews.
  5. How much time do I need to spend per week to do well in this Digital Marketing Internship program?
    You will need 15 to 20 hours every week or 2-3 hours every day to do well in this course. This includes attending 4-hour live instructor-led classes and 2-hour live doubt sessions every week.
  1. Will I get a Digital Marketing Internship Program Certificate irrespective of my performance?
    No, you will receive an MPIS Revolution Internship Certificate only when you complete the projects within a given timeline. We will give you adequate time, required guidance, and help to complete the projects, but if you still fail, you will not get the MPIS Revolution Internship Certificate.
  2. How can I become an MPIS Revolution Super Intern?
    The MPIS Revolution Super Intern certificate will only be given to learners who complete all the projects & case studies within the set timeline, help other learners and work with them as a team, and come up with innovative ideas while working on the projects.
  3. How is this Digital Marketing internship program different from other programs?
    The course is specially designed for students and recent graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in the Digital Marketing Domain. This course will follow a hands-on training structure developed by industry experts. From Day 1, you will start learning the fundamentals of Digital Marketing to advanced topics and after successful completion of this course, you will get an Internship certificate from MPIS Revolution.
  4. How to learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a set of practices that helps businesses to grow organically by improving the appearance and positioning of their web pages in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  5. Will I get a Social Media Marketing Internship?
    Once you successfully finish the Digital Marketing Internship program, we will provide you 100% placement assistance and help you get Social Media internship, SEO internship, performance marketing internship and full time job opportunities in Digital Marketing. We will constantly update you about upcoming job opportunities in top companies, provide mock interviews, and help with resume and portfolio building as well. Please note we do not offer any placement guarantee, it will purely depend on your technical capabilities, communication skills and the kind of projects you create.
  6. Is this Digital Marketing Internship program good for freshers?
    Yes, our Digital Marketing Internship program is specially designed for freshers and college students. The entire curriculum is carefully planned by industry experts to teach Digital Marketing to freshers from fundamental to advanced level and help them gain hands-on experience by working on tools and five industry relevant projects.
  7. Is this Digital Marketing Internship Program Online?
    Yes, the 6 month internship program is completely online with 100% live teaching, doubt solving and mentorship sessions.
  8. How can I find a Digital Marketing Internship program near me?
    MPIS Revolution provides a 6 month Digital Marketing Internship program to every corner of India. You can learn Digital Marketing in our 100% live classes from the comfort of your home, be it from Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Coimbatore, Kochi, Ludhiana, Vadodara, Jamshedpur, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, etc. In short, all you need to learn Digital Marketing is to have an internet connection & a basic laptop.
  1. Will I get a paid Digital Marketing internship offer or full-time offer from MPIS Revolution or any other organization after this course?
    This is an internship program. After the completion of this program, we do not guarantee any paid internship or full-time offer with MPIS Revolution or any other organization. However, we offer 100% placement assistance and guide you on how to get a paid internship or a full-time offer throughout the program. We may even refer you if there’s a suitable opening in MPIS Revolution or any of its partner hiring companies.
  2. Are there EMI Options available
    Yes, We have an option to pay the course fee in 2 or 3 installments.
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